Where we are


More than 45,000 people live in the informal settlement of Overcome Heights/ Vrygrond, located on the eastern flank of the Capricorn Industrial area near Muizenberg / Cape Town in South Africa.


Vrygrond has about 5'000 children in the 0 - 5 years range:

          - 69% of children (3'440) have no access to ECD facilities

          - 20% of children (983) attend a home-based, unregistered facility

          - 11% of children (577) attend a registered facility

The need in Vrygrond is echoed in multitudes of other communities


The children are subjected daily to sqaulor and violence. They are malnutritioned and unprepared for school. The living conditions in the shantytown are shocking. Almost all of the residents live in small corrugated iron shacks measuring about 9ft x 9ft. Few have running water in their homes and most are forced to share outside sanitation facilities. Due to the high unemployment, many homes have problems with alcohol, drugs, women and child abuse and crime.