Who we are

The SEEDS Trust (Schooling, Education and Empowerment, Developments) is a registered South African NPO and PBO founded in 1999 by Marlena & Johann von der Walt, members of the Vineyard Christian Church in Hout Bay. They started by encouraging church members to begin caring for toddlers of parents while they were at or seeking work.


The main project of SEEDS Trust is 'Little Lambs Christian Daycare' which offers basic care, nutrition and preschool education for children living in the informal settlement Imizama Yethu in Hout Bay. 'Little Lambs' cares for 280 children, all from the Township, and employes 23 staff. They are registered with Social Development and qualify for Social and Educational Grants. ( www.littlelambs.org.za ).

The latest initiative of the Seeds Trust is to upgrade and build a whole new school building for the Ark Angels Educare centre that will provide the same opportunities for the children of that neighbourhood that Little Lambs currently provide.



The Team of SEEDS Trust:

Pastor Grant Baston,


Charl van der Walt,

Chairmann& Trustee

Marlena van der Walt,


Elke Zwicker,


Nelson Hill,


Ark Angels Educare Team

Pastor Prosper Torchere,

Founder & Chairman
















Elke Zwicker,

Building, Press, Fundraising















Marlis Schaper,